Antenatal Appointments

Community Midwifery Services can be as involved in your pregnancy and/or birth as you would like.

Many of our clients choose to see a CMS Midwife for Antenatal check-ups throughout their pregnancy either in addition to/or in place of check-ups with their hospital/GP.

If you choose to have a CMS midwife present at your birth it is a lovely thing to have a relationship with her. The comfort of knowing your midwife and the knowledge that she knows you, your baby and your needs/wants is fabulous for maternal confidence going into labour and delivery.

Your CMS midwife is a registered Medicare provider and can provide you with Medicare Rebatable receipts for these appointments where you have a referral from your doctor.

A standard Antenatal Check-up will involve a check of you and your baby (eg mother's Blood pressure and size of uterus (womb); Baby's heart rate using Doppler and mother's report of movements, assessing baby's position). You will also be guided through and given referrals for the required tests throughout your pregnancy. Your midwife is able to write for blood tests, Ultrasounds, Glucose testing and more…

Most importantly your consultations will involve a good chat and plenty of time for your questions or concerns to be discussed.

Routine antenatal visits are recommended at the following gestation (weeks): Check-up Appointments are commonly offered at the following weeks gestation:

7-12 weeks
12-20 weeks
18-22 weeks
26-28 weeks
30-32 weeks
33-36 weeks
36-38 weeks
38-40 weeks
40-42 weeks

Community Midwifery Services can conduct these visits either at our clinic or from the comfort of your home!

Common tests offered during pregnancy:

Week 7-12 
Blood Group, Rh and Antibodies
Full Blood examination
Testing for Rubella
Testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis
Urine test (MSU) for asymptomatic bacteria
Dating ultrasound (if unsure of conception dates)
Serum Screening for Down syndrome testing

Week 12-20        
Discuss Results
Serum screening tests

18-20 week
Ultrasound and discuss results

Week 26-28        
Complete blood sugar test for gestational diabeties
Anti D injection (for Rh neg patients)

33-36 weeks        
Anti D injection (for Rh neg patients)

36-38 weeks        
Group B Streptococcus Screen is available (optional) 

40-42 weeks        
Fetal Monitoring
Vaginal Examination