Baby Massage

Baby Massage classes are held at Preggi Central on the last Friday of each month commencing at 11am till 12.30pm with our midwife Louise Paterson:

  • Learn why touch is so important to your newborn
  • How it can help with pain or discomfort
  • When to do massage – learn about baby’s cues
  • How to get the environment right.
  • The importance of “tummy time”.
  • Introduction to massage of legs and stomach (including colic routine).
  • Learn some basic baby reflex techniques, and,
  • Get to keep Louise’s “6 step approach to wind, reflux and colic”.

What you need:

Baby’s changing mat, thick one if poss, soft towel and changing materials.

Things to know:

  • Oil will be provided by Louise.
  • Baby will need top up feed before massage so come at least 15mins early to allow for this.
  • Baby will also need a feed post massage since it usually stimulates their circulatory and therefore their digestive systems.

Contact Preggi Central (03) 9785 3001 or CMS 0420 559 746 for bookings, prices and enquiries.