Fee Schedule - Home Birth

Community Midwifery Services: Fee Schedule for Homebirth.


Antenatal Care can be given in the client’s home or in an antenatal clinic of the midwives or mothers choice.

A long antenatal appointment at home costs $110 of which $45.40 can be reclaimed back as a medicare rebate. The medicare item number for an initial antenatal is 82100, you will see this on your receipt and the centre link staff will then know what rebate to give you.

CMS will invoice you over the internet by email, and you can BSB your payment back the same way. Once this invoice is paid, CMS will email you a receipt, which you can then print off and take to centre link to claim your medicare back.

CMS always charges $110 for the initial antenatal booking appointment.

*As with all our appointments variations to this fee schedule may be made according to the individual financial needs of the client. Care may be withdrawn by the midwife if payments are not made as agreed or client responsibilities are not met.

*Please talk to us about how to register for the medicare safety net. Once this is reached the client is able to get increased rebates from their appointments, and this helps to reduce the overall costs for their home birth.

A long antenatal bulk bill is charged at the rebate rate of $53.40, or preferably at $110 and the client can reclaim all, or most of this back. The item number for this appointment is 82110. Most of your follow- on antenatal appointments will have this item number as their heading.

At 36 weeks we hold a birth plan meeting which enables the client, their partner and their family and or support people, to meet the support midwives/team, discuss the birth plan and the finer details about how everything will come together on the day. Contact with the team, supplies and equipment, and the hire of a birth pool and/or TENS machine are all discussed at this visit, which will replace the normal antenatal visit at this time, although routine antenatal observations will be included on the day.

This is an extremely important meeting and a lot of safety information around the birth and the reasons for transfer to hospital will be covered during this visit. The client is then required to sign the Maternity Care Plan - which recognizes the midwives role as a practitioner for normal pregnancy, labour and birth and the postnatal period. It also explains her responsibilities when labour and birth become abnormal, the midwives scope of practice and the guidelines that she is legally required to work under. These can be found in:  “National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral. “   She will have a copy for you to look at on the day of the birth plan meeting.  (Please see our service agreement for more information on the legal contract we require you to sign.)

The charge for the Birth Plan Meeting is: $350, it does have a medicare item number: 82115 therefore a rebate of $271.15 can be reclaimed back for this visit. The overall birth fee which is $4000 in total. This does not include your antenatal visits.

A long postnatal visit is usually charged at a rate of $120 an hour of which $66.75 can be reclaimed back by medicare, item number is: 82135.


Payment of the birth fee of $4000

Unfortunately at the present time there is no item number for the birth fee, which we ask the majority of which to be paid by 38 weeks of pregnancy.

Please talk to us about payment options during pregnancy, which could be by paying in installments of your choice, or by the use of direct debit request, with set amounts paid at varying intervals.

We do recommend making regular payments as you go, as this saves that big expense at the end, at a time when you want to focus on your baby, and the new responsibilities of being a parent.    

Also, as a business it helps us to spread the costs of supplies and equipment for homebirth, which is on- going, and helps the midwives who have supported you to be paid on time for their time on call, and services.    

The first booking deposit is due at 20weeks and is $600.

*See Birth Agreement for charges incurred due to premature cancellation of services.