Fee Schedule - Hospital Birth

Community Midwifery Services

FEE SCHEDULE for May - Dec 2013.   Hospital Birth Support


Antenatal Care at home $110 x10 visits: with rebate of $45.40 off each visit.


Booking Deposit for Birth $600 payable by 20 weeks of pregnancy (taken off total cost for birth)


Birth Plan Meeting at 36 weeks – cost is $300 with a rebate of $271.15 back from medicare. This $300 also comes off the total birth fee.


Hospital Birth Support – x2 MWS on call; cost is $1500 - $300 taken off, brings total to $1200 and with deposit of $600 also taken off, brings total down to $600 to be paid by 38weeks.


Reflexology Treatments : can be included in your antenatal care package from 36 weeks, for no extra charge, although these visits cannot be bulked bill, and will incur the normal long antenatal charge of $110.


Postnatal Visits (4-6) are usually charged at $80 each or at a long bulk bill rate of $66.75.


*(We are always happy to discuss any concerns re; payment, but we do ask clients to be aware that the Midwife concerned will be out of pocket if she always charges reduced rates, so we ask that there is a good reason for any assistance that we may give. Private Midwives work long hours and are nearly always on call, their insurance and other financial costs are hidden but quite substantial at times, so to continue to be able to provide this level of cover, and for it to be sustainable for each individual midwife, we ask that you take this into account when asking for a reduction in fees, which maybe not possible.)*

Louise Paterson (Clinical Director)