Medicare Rebates

On 1 November 2010, new laws came into effect that give eligible midwives access to specific items in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)

Our Midwives are specialist Medicare providers and therefore are:

  • registered under the National Registration Accreditation Scheme, and
  • notated as an endorsed midwife by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, and
  • are in private practice to access MBS services, refer to specific specialists, request some pathology and diagnostic items and prescribe certain medications according to victorian state laws.
  • Are also qualified to provide private health funded care - for some antenatal, postnatal, birth education and preparation, and birth and home birth services. ( Always discuss with your private health fund first - to check what your cover entitles you to. Some funds cover more than others). 

 Medicare Rebates apply to the following Services:

Antenatal Appointments - no limit
Post-natal Appointments –  up to 6 weeks after birth, no limit.

In order to take advantage of the Government Medicare Rebate system for Midwifery our clients will need to secure a referral for the services of a Private Midwife from a GP/Obstetrician or a Consultant Obstetrician (Referring Practitioner MUST have Obstetric Qualifications) Please refer to the link here for a list of local providers.