In Hospital Birth Support

In many cases the clients of Community Midwifery Services are also patients of the public hospital system.

Hospitals enable mothers to deliver their babies safe in the knowledge that facilities and specialists are nearby should they be required but in the hope that this situation will not come to pass.

The midwives from Community Midwifery Services have delivered many babies in hospital working with the support of the hospital nursing and midwifery staff.


The benefit of adding a CMS Midwife to your team of caregivers is the continuity of care. Often “Team midwifery” in Public hospitals means that you don’t get to see the same midwife twice and you may meet an entirely new midwife on arrival to the hospital or even experience a “shift change” during your labour.

A CMS Midwife can give you care all the way from pre-conception, prenatal through to your labour/birth and postnatal care.


A CMS Midwife will join you at your home while you are in the earlier stages of Labour and be there to support you through these new sensations while taking care of the details like timing contractions and “when do we leave for the hospital?”

On arrival at the hospital the CMS midwife can help you to voice your needs and birth your baby in the safest way possible while respecting your hopes for the process. Labour and birth are never predictable so it’s nice to know that no matter what a CMS midwife, whom you have met, will be available from beginning of labour through to placing your baby in your arms.