Post-natal Appointments

Community Midwifery Services offer Postnatal Appointments for up to six weeks after the delivery of your baby.  This service is ideal for mothers:

  • who need help with lactation and feeding  
  • who were discharged within a few days of giving birth
  • who birthed at home
  • who are first time mothers, who need a little extra support and advice
  • who have babies who appear more windy and unsettled with feeds
  • who have babies who are always unsettled and restless
  • who have babies with tongue and lip tie - what to do, who to see, supports available in the community.  
  • who may be recovering from a Caesarean Section or difficult delivery - traumatic birth. A traumatic birth could be a normal birth for some mothers, who were not prepared 
  • whose babies may need a little extra help adjusting to the big world - natural and gentle parenting techniques discussed, and baby wearing
  • who want to learn a baby massage routine that works


The Australian Medicare system offers rebates for these services:

Thanks to CMS permanent relationship with - Dr Jenny Picking in Langwarrin will automatically sign all referrals for postnatal care.   


We only do home visiting for our postnatal mothers. The goal is to aid in your rest and recovery, so we come to you! Our appointments are not rushed and we spend up to 2hours with you, if needed. We sit and watch you feed, give support and advice, answer your questions, and discuss how you are feeling. This can be a time of emotional and physical change and development, and we are aware that taking time with you now, can reduce stress and anxiety and build confidence.

Dont wait until you are struggling, the best thing to do is have support from the begining. Or, even better set up your postnatal support before baby is born.


A standard appointment will cover:

  • Check-up of your health and recovery
  • Check-up of your baby’s health and wellbeing, including baby’s weight
  • Infant feeding options and advice including Lactation/Expressing/Bottles
  • Postnatal exercises and health (particularly recovery based issues such as pelvic floor, diastases, maternal nutrition, etc)
  • Sleeping and settling techniques for baby
  • Infant care such as bathing and changing
  • Advice on common infant health issues such as thrush, rashes, colic etc.
  • Questions about infant routines
  • Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology ( if requested)
  • Reflexology for Mum: to reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in better sleep patterns.
  • Debriefing about your labour and delivery
  • Community Resources and so much more..


Please note these appointments will not replace but are in addition to that of your Council appointed Maternal Child Health Nurse and your six week GP Check-up.