Community Midwifery Services | Celebrating and Supporting Motherhood in the Modern World
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Welcome to Motherhood 101

‘Celebrating and Supporting Motherhood in the Modern World with all its complexities, but also bringing some ancient wisdom from past generations!’

I have put this website together to provide new mothers with a different type of resource, one that provides information that is not readily available or discussed in some care settings.


It is information that I believe is important for you to be aware of, it is aimed to be thought provoking and inspirational, and to help you transition to Motherhood more smoothly.


From Maid to Mother: Motherhood can be a time of great joy and expectation, there is a magic and mystery about letting nature reveal all its secrets, and letting your child grow inside you knowing that you welcome the day that you will meet each other and become a family.


Incoming Soul to Baby and Child: ‘In listening to the incoming soul, we are offered a glimpse of divine creation, purity and perfection… a soul arriving to birth into our body, our family, our community, our world. this child is the future and their creation is now.If, we truly listen to this soul we are transported beyond… beyond our own limitations and stories, our boundaries, belief systems and collective realities, beyond our teachings and ideals, beyond the finite reality of the matrix we currently exist within.


They hold out their hand to us, one step, one voice, one truth

Meet them there. They know how to navigate this territory.

Community Midwifery Services Introduces

‘Motherhood 101.’

‘No Judgement, only love!’

Your journey into Motherhood starts as soon as you become pregnant.
Your whole way of thinking, feeling and being is about to change.
Louise invites you to learn about these three concepts:

The Secret

You are not meant to do this ALONE!

The Promise

You can do this, but  keep it SIMPLE!

The Prize

If you choose to accept: LISTEN and LEARN

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