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About Us

Our Philosophy

We are a network of Community Midwives who specialise in your physical and emotional wellbeing. We regularlysee the value of continuity of care for the mother and her baby, and we believe:


Every woman comes to Motherhood at a different time in her lifeand will experience pregnancy and birth in her own unique way.


Every woman has the right to have support and mentoring throughout her mothering journey from friends and professionals who she trusts, and who understand that ‘Mothering’ is a process that needs to be experienced by the individual, and confidence in her own abilities reinforced and celebrated.

Every woman should have the opportunity to have antenatal and postnatal care which is available, inclusive and supports them in their transition to Motherhood, but which collaborates and links in with their Primary Carer, whoever that maybe.


Every woman should recognise the importance of good emotional health and well being during her pregnancy, and give it as much attention as her physical preparation.


Every woman needs to have someone to listen to her fears and anxieties, and her feelings about becoming a Mother, her pregnancy and her birth. And share experiences and knowledge.


Every woman has the right to be included in any and all decisions related to these, to feel she has CONTROL over what happens to her body.

Our Midwives

Are all experienced midwives, and endorsed by our College of Midwives and AHPRA to provide midwifery continuity of care. We are also Shared Maternity Care Affiliates with the Royal Women’s Hospital and Sandringham, Mercy Hospital, Monash Health and Frankston, and work in collaboration with your Consultant Obstetrician or GP/Obstetrician.


Our services are medicare rebatable and can be accessed alongside your care, in either public or private system, wherever there is a need for emotional support and education in pregnancySee Services


We also provide additional support to women in their own environment, and,continuity of care in the postnatal period with our Postnatal Home Visiting Programme and Mentor Mums Support.


We believe education is the key and that physical and mental preparation for birth and mothering is a priority, not a luxury!

Our Passion

Is ensuring that all our mothers are well prepared and supported in their pregnancy, and ready for Motherhood and all that brings.


Below is some key things to think about as you start your journey:


  • Consider your options for care carefully: will it give you what you truly need? Don’t settle, this is an important decision.
  • Continuity of Care is the key. The best models of care make sure that there is continuity of care in the Antenatal and Postnatal Periods.
  • Check in to how you are feeling emotionally – have you been suffering with anxiety or depression, or any mental health issues?  If so, start thinking how you are going to “Unpack your Stuff!
  • Emotional baggage is never easy to sort or deal with, but don’t put it off, make a start. Otherwise baby has to deal with it too!
  • This is the start of your SELF CARE – start talking about how you FEEL.
  • What things do you enjoy? Start adding these into your day.
  • Make room for physical activity in some form, it helps with the pregnancy changes and helps you to feel good about your body, it is also going to strengthen it for birth.
  • Eat well, not for 2. It is all about quality not quantity. Keep an eye on the carbohydrate portions and watch thatsugar! You will get a leaflet from your Practitioner called: Healthy eating during your pregnancy ( This leaflet gives you guides on portion size. There is also abook by Lisa Neal: Feeding the Bump. Recipes for Pregnancy.
  • Let your employer know as soon as you can, so they understand you may need time off for appointments, and if you are sick or overwhelmed. Never agree on a Finish Date. You may need to change your mind. Make 32-34 weeks your limit if at all possible . Certificates of Attendance can be given by your GP, Consultant and Midwife for visits attended during work hours.
  • Make sure you book a holiday before baby comes – even if you just have a weekend away with your partner or family.
  • Think about what birth preparation classes appeal to you, many of them require bookings by 20 weeks of pregnancy. My top tip: whatever class you choose, make sure they will give you balanced information, because not all births go to plan. Don’t be taken by surprise. Please remember, your birth should not define you, you cannot control it, it is baby’s choice, and the start of their life’s journey.
  • Start to surround yourself with people who understand you and make you feel good about yourself. People who give you confidence and share useful information, people who nurture you. Avoid people who only give you their horror stories drain you, and make you more fearful. (TO BE DOWNLOADED AS A PDF)

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