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Website References for Pregnancy and Birth and Beyond


Books and Information on Pregnancy and Birth


Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – by Sarah Buckley.

The Gentle Birth Method – by Dr Gowri Motha.

Birth with Confidence – by Rhea Dempsey.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin.

New Active Birth – a Concise Guide to Natural Childbirth – by Janet Balaskas, and New Natural Pregnancy.

Mother and Baby EXERCISE – by Emma Scattergood. (An Easy Fitness Programme to take you through Pregnancy.

The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Birth – by Janet Balaskas and Yehudi Gordon.

Your Pregnancy Bible – by Dr Anne Deans.

Birthing from Within – by Pam England and Rob Horowitz

Birth Skills – by Juju Sundin.

Hynobirthing – the Mongan Method: by Marie F.Mongan.

Water labour Water Birth – A guide to the use of water during childbirth: by Annie Sprague.

The Oxytocin Factor – by Kerstin Uvnas Moberg.

*HOW TO HEAL A BAD BIRTH, Making Sense, making peace and MOVING ON, by Melissa Bruijin and Debby Gould: Founders of *

Well Adjusted Babies – by Dr Jennifer Barham- Floreani.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Chinese Medecine – A Reference Manual For Consumers, by Karen Pohlner and Russell Shaw.



Sleeping with your Baby. A Parents Guide to Cosleeping, by James J. Mckenna.

Safe Sleep Space – Step to step guide to Settling by Helen Stevens. (Book and DVD)

The Gentle Parenting Book and Gentle Sleep by Sarah Ockwell Smith.

The Wonder Weeks by Hetty Van De RijtPh.D and Frans PlooijPh.D

The Aware Baby Book by Aletha J Solter.

No More Tears Colic Relief by Gai Williams.

Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt.

Becoming Us: 8 Steps to Grow a Family That Thrives: by Elly Taylor.

Sleeping Like a Baby, Parenting by Heart, Toddler Tactics, and 100 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby – by Pinky McKay.

Dunstan Baby Language – (listening to your baby’s sounds)



The Incarnating Child: by Joan Salter.

Heart to Heart Parenting: by Robin Grille.

Human Behaviour from Birth: The Child within the Lotus by Margaret Stephenson Meere.


More Good Authors for help with Sleeping Solutions.

Nighttime Parenting: How to get your baby and child to sleep: by William Sears M.D.

No Cry Sleep Solutions by Elizabeth Pantley.

Three in the Bed, The Benefits of Sleeping with your Baby, by Deborah Jackson.



What Mothers Do – especially when it looks like nothing. Naomi Stadlen..

Mothering the New Mother: by Sally Placksin.

Baby Magic – Planning A Lifetime of Love by Sue Cox AM. Publisher: Australian Breastfeeding Association.

The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel.

Baby Led Weaning the Essential Guide to Introducing Solids, by Gill Rapley.

Calm Kids – A Guide to Natural Therapies by Jennifer Jefferies.



Set up by families who have experienced the challenge of parenting a premature infant. Includes information about emergency caesarean birth, premature babies.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Informative and reputable site run by mothers for mothers; women supporting each other with breastfeeding.

Australian Multiple Birth Association

For families with twins, triplets, quadruplets or more. Support from ‘those who know’.

Better Health Channel

Health information site of the Victorian State Government. Includes information about pregnancy and parenting, links to more complex information and details on how to access practitioners and support groups.


Comprehensive resources and information on Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC).

Calmbirth – Childbirth education program.

3 Centres Collaboration

Collaborative site of three major hospitals in Melbourne – the Royal Women’s Hospital, Monash Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, and Mercy Hospital for Women – which provides guidelines on pregnancy care.

Child and Youth Health

An independent state government health unit, funded primarily by the Victorian Department of Human Services. Features more than 300 articles about child health and parenting.

Cochrane Consumer Network

Comprehensive information and review of journal.

*COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence*

Pregnancy and Motherhood – it isn’t always easy.

Feel prepared and reassured.

Sign up at;

Receive trustworthy and supportive emails when you need them most.

Ready to COPE is a free e-newsletter that helps you cope with the emotional realities and challenges of pregnancy and life with a new baby, whether you are a first time or experienced mum. It’s personalized based on your baby’s due or birth date, so hyou can receive relevant insights and tips from 6 weeks pregnant right through to your baby’s first birthday.




provides new fathers with information and connections to online services through their mobile phones.


– provides information and support for Dads, and offers a specialised perinatal anxiety and depression helpline – 1300 726 306


– provides information and resources for new Dads from BeyondBlue


– provides information and support for Dads and has professional counsellors available 24hrs per day, seven days a week on:  1300 78 99 78

Perinatal Mental Health Support. Download their

‘WHAT WERE WE THINKING APP ( App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), AND MUM MOOD BOOSTER APP for lots of information about parenting and emotional health.

Evidence Based Birth

Online childbirth resource, providing the latest proven evidenced based information regarding issues in childbirth.

FAMILY LIFE – SERVICE CENTRES: Sandringham, Cheltenham and Frankston.

Counselling, family support, family violence, separation, school and community programs, training and development.

Support available for babies and children, teenagers, parents, individuals.

GLOW – perinatal emotional health and wellbeing clinic (Berwick) or psychiatric and psychology support in pregnancy birth and beyond – for Mothers and Fathers.

Hypnobirthing Australia

On line courses available at Also at



Website of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia.


Kidzaid are a team of health care professionals from various medical disciplines. This includes, Paediatric Emergency doctors. They teach new parents emergency first aid for their babies and children. Their workshops vary and you can choose the setting which suits you both best.

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny hearts is the only provider offering fully funded and free baby, infant and child first aid and CPR courses to parents around Australia.

Maternity Choices Australia

National umbrella organisation committed to the advancement of best-practice maternity care for all Australian women and their families.

NSW Multicultural Health – Communication Service

Wide range of health information in English and other languages.

Post and Antenatal Depression Association (PANDA)

Support and information women and their families who are affected by postnatal and antenatal depression.

Centre for Perinatal Psychology


CALL: 1300 852 660.

Find Your Nearest Perinatal Psychologist

A national network of psychologists specialising in parent and infant wellbeing.

Practitioners specialising in working with MEN, Relationships and Emotional Trauma.

Dr Anthony Mackie – South Yarra.

0401 655 898

Dr Christina von Cohausen – Franskton.

Hurstwood Clinic

0402 432 607.

Raising Children Network

An excellent Australian parenting website with parenting information, relevant to parenting newborns through to school age children.


For safe sleeping recommendations.

The Royal Women’s Hospital

Offers a range of information fact sheets, about pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding and parenting, as well as information about broader women’s health issues.


Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)

03 9885 0855

ABA Breastfeeding helpline

1800 686 268


Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

03 9265 2100

Caroline Chisholm Society

9361 7000

1800 134 863 (country callers)

For assistance with material resources.


136 150

Glow – Perinatal Emotional Health and Wellbeing Clinic (Berwick)

9769 5606

Immunisation Information Line

1800 671 811


131 114

Maternal and Child Health Line

132 229 (24hr telephone and info service)

O’Connell Family Centre

8416 7600


Post and Antenatal Depression Association.

1300 726 306


132 289

Poisons Information Centre

131 126

Queen Elizabeth Centre

9549 2777

Noble Park


137 848 (24hr telephone and information service)

Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton

8572 3000


9707 3988


1300 072 637

Telephone support for pregnancy loss.

SIDS and Kids Victoria

1300 308 307

Tweedle Family Centre

9689 1577

Residential Unit, Footscray.

Koo Wee Rup Sleep School

Early Parenting Unit (open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm)

5997 9679.

See below for downloadable PDF’S

 1.  Key things to think about as you start your journey.

Consider your options for care carefully: will it give you what you truly need? Don’t settle, this is an important decision.Continuity of Care is the key. The best models of care make sure that there is some continuity of care in the Antenatal and Postnatal Periods.Check in to how you are feeling emotionally – have you been suffering with anxiety or depression, or any mental health issues?  If so, start thinking how you are going to “Unpack your Stuff!Emotional baggage is never easy to sort or deal with, but don’t put it off, make a start. Otherwise baby has to deal with it too! his is the start of your SELF CARE – start talking about how you FEEL.
What things do you enjoy?  Start adding these into your day.

• Make room for physical activity in some form, it helps with the pregnancy changes and helps you to feel good about your body, it is also going to strengthen it for birth.

• Eat well, not for 2. It is all about quality not quantity. Keep an eye on the carbohydrate portions and watch thatsugar! You will get a leaflet from your Practitioner called: Healthy eating during your pregnancy ( This leaflet gives you guides on portion size. There is also abook by Lisa Neal: Feeding the Bump. Recipes for Pregnancy.

Let your employer know as soon as you can, so they understand you may need time off for appointments, and if you are sick or overwhelmed. Never agree on a Finish Date. You may need to change your mind. Make 32-34 weeks your limit if at all possible. Certificates of Attendance can be given by your GP, Consultant and Midwife for visits attended during work hours.

Make sure you book a holiday before baby comes – even if you just have a weekend away with your partner or family.Think about what birth preparation classes appeal to you, many of them require bookings by 20 weeks of pregnancy.

My top tip: whatever class you choose, make sure they will give you balanced information, because not all births go to plan. Don’t be taken by surprise. Please remember, your birth should not define you, you cannot control it, it is baby’s choice, and the start of their life’s journey.

Start to surround yourself with people who understand you and make you feel good about yourself. People who give you confidence and share useful information, people who nurture you. Avoid people who only give you their horror stories drain you, and make you more fearful.

Learn about Motherhood before the baby comes, what to expect physically and emotionally, and how to care for your baby in the first 6 weeks (The Baby Moon!).





3. Consumer Fact Sheets: Anxiety, Depression and Bi Polar etc.


4. Reflexology & Childbirth

Whenever stress and nervous tension are present, reflexology, like massage and aromatherapy can be very effective in inducing relaxation. It will also help to ‘balance’ organs and tissues throughout the body and, acting through the nervous system, actually help strengthen and normalise the circulatory system. In this way, it can help activate the body’s own healing force to aid recovery.

Reflexology may also be employed to help stimulate the reproductive organs through the autonomic nervous system and so help strengthen and correct under functioning organs and balance hormonal function. Although there are no controlled studies on the subject of reflexology and infertility, there have been research studies relating to the effects of reflexology and childbirth.

A study at the Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen revealed that reflexology is beneficial to women during the labour of childbirth. 58 out of 60 women giving birth experienced “outstanding pain relief using reflexology treatment”, and 11 out of 14 women were able to avoid surgery under general anaesthesia. Dr Carsten Lenstrup was so impressed by the results that he said: “Taken as a whole, the results are so good that am not in any doubt that reflexology can give many women a better, easier and less painful delivery than they would have had otherwise.” (2)

The findings of the Gentofte study were supported by a further study carried out by Dr Gowri Motva at the Jeyrani Birth Centre on the effects of reflexology on pregnant women. 37 pregnant women completed a course of 10 reflexology treatments with remarkable effect. The average length of the first stage of labour was 5 hours whereas the text book average is 16 – 24 hours; the second stage of labour lasted an average of 16 minutes compared to the text book expectancy of 1 – 2 hours, and only 5.4% of the women who had reflexology treatment required emergency caesarian section compared to an average of 13% in Newham district which was the district where the study was conducted.(2)

(1) Reported in “Berlingske Tidende” 15 July 1988(2) Reflexology Association – Research Co-ordinator Kristine Walker & Childbirth

. Categories: 1988, childbirth, Denmark, pregnancy

5. Incoming Souls.

‘In listening to the incoming soul, we are offered a glimpse of divine creation, purity and perfection…  a soul arriving to birth into our body, our family, our world.  This child is the future and their creation begins long before birth.

If we truly listen to this soul we can meet them where they exist…  beyond our own limitations and stories, our boundaries, belief systems and collective realities, beyond the weave of an old world

They hold out their hand to us.  One step.  One voice.  One vision.

Meet them where they create, where they exist, within the form of their future.

Meet them and receive them fully into our body

Can we receive what they are gifting to us… can we open beyond all that has gone before to receive them, new in each moment, each soul, each birth, each child… to teach us and support us through their more coherent fields, to bring their gifts and leadership of a new way, a new world, to embody the truth of who they have come here to be.

The incoming soul is present prior to conception and is the primary creator and director of their new life, informing our cells with their consciousness and rebuilding our embodiment geometry, our toroidal fields and inter-personal infra-structure.  They build coherence into our lives; a new foundation of reality that begins in unity and traverses well beyond.  The gift of the incoming soul in our life is always the gift of the next step in our evolution.

Receiving the truth of the incoming souls and engaging with our children brings the gift of their truth literally into our bodies as mother’s, families, birth-workers, teachers.  As we receive the creational codes and geometries these souls will be living and breathing, it awakens access in our own cells and DNA to these same universal truths and human potentials.  As they arrive here with a biological purity and coherency that transcends the duality matrix and holds integrity beyond the toxicities, destruction and the injustices of this world, they leap us into a true cellular experience of divine humanity and infinite grace – an experience from which we do not look back.

To fully receive the incoming souls is to lift the ceiling on conscious conception, rewrite pregnancy, and explore the embryology as it evolves and engage in family body coherencies that begin long before birth.   Every step of this journey with the incoming souls is part of an intricate unfoldment of life, each soul, each piece, each thread of consciousness woven in an exquisite tapestry of existence that includes all creation.  The incoming souls bring us to the door of the divine, the highest and purest truth in witness of the creation of itself. We make a choice to enter… ‘

About Shelley Lemaire.

Shelley Lemaire teaches the world to see through the eyes of the incoming souls, to listen and feel their existence, to understand conception from the perspective of the one conceiving, birth from the one who is being birthed, and embodiment from the one creating the body.  Her work with fertility, pregnancy and birth over the last 20 years has brought experiential understanding of the nature and evolution of human embodiment, consciousness and form.  Shelley is the voice of the incomings, teaching purely through listening to and receiving the essence and architecture of the incoming souls.  She teaches parents, birth-workers and practitioners to listen at the highest level, following the lead of the incoming soul, receiving them beyond imposition, beyond existing constructs and duality thought, allowing a pure revealing of their truth and creation.  Shelley teaches and shares their continually unfurling story.

Each incoming soul brings a story that is both unique and universal.  The soul consciousness of the child can be felt, seen, touched and received into the body as pure essence, directive and clear.  Each soul arriving in preparation to birth also informs the cellular structure and consciousness of the mother in waves that are universal, fluid and interconnected.  As we evolve our consciousness on this planet, this architecture also evolves and the preparation of the incoming souls consistently presents an expanding and ever-changing picture and understanding.  Their origin. Their purpose.  The incredible weave of soul and body that takes place, that enfolds us all within their creation.

Shelley’s work is truly unique and original, revealing the potential of all we are, a reference point for a new reality that changes fluidly in each moment with each conception, each birth.  Meeting each incoming soul at this threshold in reverence and purity, taking each step beyond the known to meet them there.

Shelley works with Rony Reingold and Joan Harold as Incoming Souls, sharing this work as teachers, consultants, practitioners, speakers and mothers.

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