Community Midwifery Services | Motherhood 101
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Motherhood 101

Can we receive what they are gifting to us, personally, globally, universally… can we open beyond all that has gone before to receive them, new in each moment, each soul, each birth, each child… to teach us and support us through their more coherent fields, to bring their gifts, and leadership of a new way, to embody the truth of who they have come here to be…’ Shelley Lemaire. (See resource section for full post)

My name is Louise Paterson


‘I am a Motherhood Expert, and as a Midwife and Maternal Wellness Consultant for 30 years, I specialise in getting mothers to feel: Confident, Calm and Connected.


What I am really passionate about is EMPOWERING MOTHERS.’


I formed Community Midwifery Services in 2013 to join Midwives together who shared the same philosophy, and who wanted to specialize in maternal wellness, and who believe pregnancy, birth and motherhood are normal life events which should be cherished and enjoyed by the individual mother.


We find that women focus far too much on the birth, rather than the journey. The birth is only 24hrs, and does not, and should not, define us as a woman or mother!


Our focus should be on having our baby, and becoming a mother, that is why we are pregnant, to have a baby not a birth! Let us put the power back where it needs to be and enjoy the process and outcome!


Our care packages support this theme and aim to focus on good emotional health and wellbeing during the journey:


  • Hope – Pregnancy Package (Emotion – Desire)
  • FAITH- Birth Preparation and Support Package (Emotion – Belief)
  • Joy – Postnatal Package and our Postnatal Home Visiting Programme: (Emotion – Joy and Happiness).